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Lately, we’ve heard a lot of bitchin’ and moanin’ in the press, and among copywriter friends, about how social media has caused the craft and quality of ad copy to decay like British teeth. At some point over the last few years, ad prose from ad pros has fermented into “consumable content”. Who among us hasn’t been asked by a designer to write them “a chunk of text about this big”? There’s obviously a niche market for that. So we say, "Let's go with it". Sometimes surrendering just means you want to be on the winning side. After all, as Author/Futurist Kevin Kelly says, “Productivity is for robots.”

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Rich Siegel




Rich Siegel is a super-talented, 44-year-old Copywriter/CD/Author/Blogger who has freelanced or worked on staff at nearly every major creative ad agency in Los Angeles. Producing a truckload of award-winning work in nearly every product category and every type of media. He's truly one of the funniest, smartest, most talented copywriters in the country. So if you're looking for that kind of great work, we highly recommend that you contact Rich (or this guy:). But if that kind of work doesn't really interest you, start clicking some buttons. We webscraped, then hijacked, the over 1500 entertaining blog posts Rich has written over the last 6 years and, using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm known as Markov Chain Text Generation, SIA is now serving up fun, filler, robot fresh copywriting for FREE!

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Of course, we’re not paying them anything. (That’s the beauty of hiring robots.) But if any of you want to be “roboted”, and you have a blog with a quite a few blog posts (AI requires a lot of data.), send an email. Nope, we won’t be paying you anything either but it’s probably good practice for the future when we all get kicked to the AI curb. Some of the talent we’d love to bot include: Jeff Goodbot, Jeff Gelbot, Botbara Lippert, Droga 6.0, David Lubot, Rick Rosenbot, George TannenBot and Alex Botgusky, just to name a few.

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Les Guessing &

“I mine text and data to create great ad strategies, concepts and content.”

Les Guessing

Freelance Copywriter / Creative Data Hacker / Video / Editing / Web Dev

I have a rabid interest in using data (especially text data) to make advertising creative better, more engaging, more entertaining and more efficient. I’m an Emmy-winning Copywriter/CD who has freelanced in Los Angeles for a couple of decades. I was CD on NFL on Fox for 2 years and the Acura National brand for 2 years. I studied cinematography at UCLA, and shoot, light, edit and do some motion graphics in After Effects and Animate cc.

In the last 4 years or so, I’ve developed an almost unhealthy interest in how data analysis & analytics, data science, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (subsets of Artificial Intelligence) can be used in the advertising creative arena. My vision is to use those skills to develop human-augmented, programmatic creative. I'm currently writing a book on "Framing & Reframing for Advertising". I can do creative data work in the Python, SQL, JavaScript/JQuery, HTML, CSS programming languages. It’s a little hard to explain how all that learnin’ ties together into something coherent and valuable. So this website/app is a good, simple example of the kind of things I want to do.

I wrote a program in Python to webscrape 6 years of Rich Siegel’s blog. I then took that scraped text and piped it into a Markov Chain Text Generator algorithm. And embedded it into this website/app I built using Python’s Flask framework, (along with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery). (Special nod to jsvine and the Markovify module.) I’m hoping this app entertained you enough that you'll check out my real website,

I’m looking to freelance as a Copywriter / Creative Data Hacker / Strategist / Content Creator. Let’s do a project together???